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Music hello guys thank you for turning our child a motivational tech guy today we're going to be talking about how to create a file import form from word to PDF so before I get started let's go on out for for today all right I quote for today is from Steve are useful your dream has to be bigger than your fear I know some time we are fading light be quick a lot of what happen because we don't know what happen if we disagree but we should not be able to dream big sometimes only activate your stride so one you twice certain things and it doesn't work just keep on trying and we Savannah know from strong one because you dream big doesn't mean that you fear it just mean that this one was not going down supposed to work and all you have to do just move on to the next one and one thing I have to tell you guys when you are between don't go on and share it with everybody because some people don't understand God's name some people don't know what you feel and what you wanna do so open your dream dream big because when you are different no matter what obstacle the method you're not gonna be afraid because we're gonna be to focus on your dream and not worry about the fear of fit so trip Nick work on what you want to do take place in life and keep on moving as you can see on my screen I have a simple form that I created from work it's a simple intake form to capture information from clients first name last name despot information and at the bottom we have the services here you can have your service leave or you can have different themes like membership type or whatever you want the client to check out but chief is some B's from 2x lion talk to a customer of course they will be able to enter them for missions and stuff like that but if you want them to check one of this service Li they will not be able to do it because hey leave the sample without it but we cannot find a way to make this form not only fallible here but also client will be able to select page but so let's get into it and at the end of the video I'm gonna show you exactly the main reason why you wanna use PDF instead of crossword so to create a net fallible form of PDF or the activity go too far to the safe eyes and he we're gonna save your word form into PDF why here but if you have Microsoft Office form some windows all the ups to do is go to file export and export as PDF the tab MAC address beautifier file format and PDF and what we select PDF we select export ...