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15 years ago, my father published a book with a company that is out of business. He owns the copyright. I designed the cover. He now wants additional copies. Is it possible to scan the pages, create a PDF, and publish on KDP?

If for example you have sourced some of your material or quotes from articles you have to be aware of copyrights. Moreover, if you source from a 3rd party e.g a web based article, always trace to the original author. My experience, I wanted to use a feature for my book from a well known UK newspaper in which a website had sourced from the newspaper.I asked permission, the newspaper was going to charge me a fee, (the newspaper brand begins with the letter I) Luckily I knew the guy who composed the original article . I asked his permission, he refused me to continue. If I trusted and paid the fee, I may have had copyright issues from the original author….When I compiled my book I contacted every website, author, journalist…highlighting that I will cite their work and include links…I have completed contacting and been granted permissions. Keep a copy of all permissions and correspondence…Google has a guide on copyright.

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The fact there might be copyright issues with a website you intend to cite in an article is not a consideration, nor an excuse. The article does not have to be copyrighted to be cited by you, it is up to you to decide if the article is fair to you. A final consideration, is the nature of your source or article. I have quoted a site, that I have been in contact with, that had a few minor issues. This is fine, as long as you contact the contributor of said article and point out these issues immediately, rather than wait for the article to be published or posted on to one of your blogs, Facebook pages or blog sites. If the article is sourced by a professional and I do not get in touch, or am not made aware of the serious issues, then I may have.