Can I Use My Website Content to Create a PDF File for Link Building?

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Can I use my website content to create a PDF file for link building?

The best and most effective way to build back links to your website involves a lot of hard work. First look at any companies who have some synergy between your company and theirs. Send them an email offer to write an article with links to their site in exchange for a link from their site to yours. Better yet if it is a company you do business with, a supplier for example, call them and ask them to put a link on their website to your website. When Google looks at your back links t give much more credence to sites which have something do with your product or service If those sites you link to have content in them that uses similar LSI keywords that your site does it helps you. LSI keywords are 1–2–3 and more words together that are most often used in the top ten or so results in Google for a specific keyword or keywords. There are free LSI keyword checkers available that you can type your keywords in and find what the LSI keywords are. Understand LSI keywords are not just other keywords that describe or look like your keywords. T are phrases such as for an auto repair shop you might have generators, fan belts, installation, service charge, 50,000 mille warranty, or other phrases like that as the LSI keywords. It is likely your suppliers or vendors are using those same LSI keywords. A second, just as important way to get backlinks, is to search out the experts in your industry or niche and ask them if you could write an article for their blog. Now you can’t just ask them first thing to do that you need to build a relationship with them by commenting on their blog or news articles if t are a reporter in your niche. Build a relationship with them by engaging with them about the articles t are publishing. Once you have some back and forth comments and you have gained their trust then you can ask to write an article and submit it to them. In some rare cases you can write an article send it to them and give them permission to publish is as long as t properly credit you and your website.

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You can send them a copy of the article or link to it, so they can link to that article on their own site. Make sure that they list your website in t h e About, Mission Statement, About section the blogs. You have to make your blog a high authority, or you are asking google to ignore your content for the search results that you want to have. You have to make sure your site is high enough authority for Google to rank your blog for them. If your website has one or two authority articles on it t can make a great difference if you rank those top results for them without writing them yourself. Google knows that you are one of the top authority for a given term (let t say blog posts) it will take your blog a long time t to make it out of.

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