How Can I Copy Some Words from PDF to Evernote And Create Link?

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How can I copy some words from pdf to evernote and create link?

There are lots of great answers on this thread. Let me start by saying that I love Evernote, find it extremely useful, and I've been a premium subscriber since 2008. However, there is a lot of room for improvement, and I truly hope t use some of the $20 Million in funding t raised to address some of the most important issues, especially as the service grows ever more popular. First of all, Evernote UIs are not great across the board. T're pretty ugly, and their usability is poor as well. When Evernote for iPad first shipped, it was like a breath of fresh air. Then I heard Evernote CEO Phil Libin mention in a podcast that it was the first time that t actually hired an interface designer to put together the UI for one of their clients. It shows. Now t need to do this for all of their clients, including the web version. Not that the iPad version is perfect - it still needs work too. Things like a list view instead of the cartoony notebook and tag views would greatly enhance usability. The iPhone version is particularly bad. Given the rapid pace of development on iOS, and the truly stunning UIs now available in a plethora of apps from shops of all sizes, Evernote feels like it hasn't evolved much, and needs a complete overhaul. This is apparently underway, so I'm willing to give Evernote the benefit of the doubt for a few more months. But when iPhone apps dedicated to inputting text and images into Evernote spring up alongside the official app because the user experience is so poor, you know you have problems. Evernote excels at getting content into the system, it does less well at retrieval. Case in point is tag management - it's awful. Evernote has about the worst implementation of tags I've seen in any application. The behavior is strange (try moving them around in the Mac client), the tags are not truly hierarchical (children don't inherit parent attributes), and there is no tag cloud (something that would be extremely helpful now that I have thousands of notes), and there is no ability to search or jump to a letter when assigning tags in iOS. Powerful search capabilities exist, but are poorly documented for the end user. "Saved Searches" should be renamed "Smart Folders" to make it clearer to users what t are actually for. Until recently, Evernote insisted on a flat list of notebooks, suggesting that users build tag hierarchies instead. There were a lot of issues with this approach, and users continued to demand folders for notebooks. In late 2010, Evernote finally relented and now includes "Notebook Stacks" in the Mac and Windows clients. This was good progress, but t only allow one layer of hierarchy. It would be better to allow as many layers as the end user needs. For better or worse, most folks still to this day are comfortable with the folder metaphor as a way of structuring their information. One thing that always frustrates me about Evernote is their poor security. T consistently claim that there is no reason to have a lock code for any of their apps, including mobile ones. Evernote's management insists that the OS level protection on your device is sufficient. This is just wrong, and PIN codes for the iPhone and Android apps have consistently been demanded by users. Evernote is completely tone deaf on this point. With devices like the iPhone and iPad becoming increasingly more social, it is natural to want to pass around a phone or tablet to let kids play games, or to let friends surf the web. We need that second level of protection at that point - an OS level PIN code does nothing. Evernote's motto is "Remember everything" encouraging users to use the platform to store everything of importance to them. Yet t show a distinct unwillingness to help users protect their content, something I find distressing. Tons of applications offer this functionality - from document readers to simple text editors. It couldn't take much in development to implement a PIN code, I find it absolutely baffling why Evernote insists that users don't need it. It only takes a little while of using Evernote to bump up against its limitations and annoyances. I've considered leaving several times, but in the end the rock solid syncing keeps me on the platform. My one hope is that rather than trying to develop so many different partnerships, Evernote will really focus on improving its core offering, and make it the best it can be. Things like the Livescribe partnership were introduced with great fanfare, yet is poorly implemented and has not been much improved since launch. Meanwhile, maddeningly basic text formatting issues persist in the Mac client. Evernote has tremendous promise, and a rapidly growing rate of adoption. T need to be able to scale and adapt at the same time, which is certainly a challenge. I think Evernote's growth will inevitably help fuel their development, and I look forward to seeing what t will achieve in 2011.

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