How Can I Create a Site That Sells PDFs And Allow People to Post?

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How can I create a site that sells PDF's and allow people to post their PDF's for sale?

It sounds like you are asking for a way to put DRM on a PDF file before you try selling it online. This is the common, but backwards way to approach things. IMHO, you should put your content out there available for purchase with as few restrictions as possible. Make the buying and delivery experience as easy as possible. Only then will you be able to determine if it is worth looking into methods to secure the pdf (each of which have their own drawbacks). This is something I wrote many years ago on the subject. Digital Rights Management (DRM) Decreases Sales and Increases Costs I see this quite often. People not wanting to sell because of piracy. But t are sacrificing the potential income by doing so. It is similar to the statement, "I don't want to make more money, because I'd have to pay more taxes". Get out there and start selling. Magazines are especially lucrative because it is an ongoing content machine that works continuously to increase subscribers. Go for it!

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Do we Really Need Digital Rights Management? What's the Real Problem? I'll be the first to say that I don't agree with all the digital rights management (DRM) policies and practices being pushed. There were some early efforts at securing DRM-free versions of certain media to sell online, but that was about the time they started becoming popular. Today, almost every video file in existence is either offered in a DRM-free format, or a download code for a DRM-free version is included for the use of the purchaser. There isn't any point in doing DRM on PDFs because, as far as I'm concerned, DRM is no longer relevant. Today's media is so rich in content that it is simply too much for one person to handle on their own. I don't believe a DRM strategy will succeed in the present climate where it's so easy to download, stream, and store.

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