How Can I Professionally Look for PDF Or Slides for Teaching Data?

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How can I professionally look for PDF or slides for teaching data science or programming without using Microsoft?

Anytime I learn something new, I like to take a multi-prong approach - data science was no exception to this. Below I outline a couple of ways that I approached learning data science. 1. Projects - Probably the best way to learn anything programming related is to build a project. Unlike web or mobile development, building a data science project isn’t as straightforward. It can be difficult to get your hands on the data you need to make a model, and often times to showcase your work you will ne...

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Reading code — One of the reasons there's a resurgence of Data Scientists is the fact that they can learn by reading code and not data. Reading code can be difficult but by far the best approach when learning data science. Most of the time data science will involve code and by reading code, you can practice your code by writing code that will not only work but help you to learn more about data science. For example this post on Data Scientist is good practice: 3. Code reviews — Code reviews are a great way to learn new APIs, techniques, and technologies. If you can get a mentor to review your code, you're more likely to get better quickly (and your code review may get you a job). The way I review code is that there are a set of rules I follow: I only accept code if.