How Can I Tell If a PDF File Was Originally Created as PDF Or It Was?

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How can I tell if a PDF file was originally created as PDF or it was created as an image and exported as PDF? The latter kind can't be divided in Inkscape.

If you have an advanced PDF editor software like Create Fillable Form Pro, or if you have a Mac and can use the built-in Preview app, you can do a ‘rectangular selection’ anywhere on a page and copy that to the clipboard and make a new document from the clipboard. With these apps, you can also right-click on an image and copy them or export them to a file. You can also crop the page completely to limit the bounds to just the image you want and save as a new file. If all you have is a free PDF viewer like Create Fillable Form Reader, you can right-click on a graphic image and it might be able to detect the limits of that image, it will highlight it, and you’ll be able to copy it to the clipboard. You can then use a paint/graphics software to paste the image and save it to a graphics file. Of course, you can also take a screenshot of a selected rectangle and save the image to a file. It would be best to zoom in as much as possible to get the most pixels you can, because you are just copying pixels on the display now, not actually extracting the image file, so you may not like the results. I hope this helps.

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Create PDF: All You Need to Know

File name of the PDF will be “page_name.pdf”, if you save PDF file as “page_name_PDF” file name. Create PDF is to open a PDF in PDF creator (like Adobe Acrobat or PDF Creator) from which you can create PDF file as you wish. Save a PDF for viewing is easy, just open PDF you want to save, open Adobe Acrobat, and save a new PDF file with file name “page_name.pdf”. Save a PDF for printing is easy, just run Adobe Acrobat and select Save a PDF, and save a new PDF file with file name “page_name_PDF”. Save a PDF for Web is easy, just open PDF you want to save, download Adobe Acrobat, and save a new PDF file with file name “page_name_PDF”. Save a PDF file with new name to view Save File as File Save File as PDF is easy, to save current document as PDF.

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