How Do I Create a Hyperlink on a PDF Document?

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How do I create a hyperlink on a pdf document?

As your question is tagged with Microsoft Word, I will give the answer for that program. It depends on the version of Microsoft Word you are using. In general, the way to go resembles the following. Select the text you want to add the hyperlink to Right-click on the selection From the context-menu, click on “add Link” In the appearing window, select either the pdf document, which you want to link, or copy the link to the file to the text-input on the bottom of the window. This part can cause some problems, if you linked to a local pdf file, and open the Word-File on a different Computer. To avoid this, I would recommend to upload the file to a service like OneDrive or Dropbox, click share and request a link, which you can now set in as your hyperlink target. Close the “add Link” window by clicking ok, and here you go…

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Now any time you are browsing through a file on your Computer, you can just click on the link and the hyperlink address will pop up. I believe the best part, is you can select multiple files on your Computer and share it. Conclusion Creating hyperlinks using Text-Input is very straightforward and fast way to add links to your documents, and as long as you can create the PDF-Document with HTML-Text, it will work. Let me know if you found this article useful.