How Do I Create a Url Link to a Specific Text in PDF?

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How do I create a URL link to a specific text (not page) in PDF?

You can upload the pdf document in dropbox or google drive and get the shareable link share with anyone or share with permission copy the link and share it with your clients. If you want to shorten the google drive links you can go to bitly or any other url shortner and you can also tract the campaigns for e.g. how many click you have got on that link which directs to your google drive pdf .

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Create PDF: All You Need to Know

Now, let's start with the first part of our HTML — the

tags. Open the HTML file with an active Web browser and press F5 in Worded to create your HTML. As you can see, it's very basic! A form is not even mentioned, yet we're creating one! First, create four
tags: This element specifies the title of the page, and also the section where to find the form. Notice that the name of the section is prefixed with “#”. Now add three HTML tags: This code specifies all of our form fields, giving them values of text, email, and password. We're giving them ID values, because if you go into your Google Drive, you'll see that your forms are always named something like “Email Address”. Now, we just need to style the input fields — that is, HTML elements inside a
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