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How do I create a website like pdfonline? Basically My Question is " how to make a JPG to PDF converter website? What scripts will be used and how?

Why would converting it to PDF make it simpler to print in quantity? All converting to PDF will accomplish is placing a JPG into a PDF file. It will still be a JPG, but it’s now inside a PDF container. …the simplest way to print 100 copies of anything is to take it to Kinko’s, Office Depot, or whatever print shop you have locally, and have them print it out for you. If you require special paper t will likely have it there in stock, buy a package, hand it to them and have them print it for you. Seriously it will be cheaper in the long run(and 100 copies is a quite a few to do at home) than doing it at home.

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I’m not sure how hard it is to get to Kinko’s, I just bought a new printer this week and don't care about making prints at home anymore. What About Bulk Orders?   I will be able to sell them separately too and will offer a variety of shipping solutions. For those interested in bulk orders, I need to have at least 25 units or so a customer can be comfortable that he has purchased an item from me rather than an outside supplier. Allowing customers to order from me at a minimum quantity of 25 gives them a bit more freedom in doing their own research. The price of an item can fluctuate greatly as well. I've heard of someone having his first ever order priced at 40,000 for a single item. To quote this site: Here are some of the more common terms associated with the process: Bulk Orders This means ordering several items/components to be.