How Do You Create An Accessible PDF from Pptx Which Does Not Work On?

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How do you create an accessible PDF from PPTX which does not work on some sentences (PDF, PowerPoint, accessibility, development)?

If you mean creating PDF which can be voice-over-ed, but some sentences should not be accessible for the voice-over, put these sentences in a picture. Voice-over mostly can’t read the text in images.

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Create PDF: All You Need to Know

But sometimes, if the caption of the picture is something that is only visible when your voice-over is turned on, you won't be able to find the caption in your PDF. It's fine. 4. Creating PDF with two columns. If you have just one image, and you have a caption in another column, you can just create a PDF and you can insert the second column in it. You can use this trick for a lot of the cases. 5. Creating PDF with a lot of text. If you need more than one graphic image in the PDF, you can use the same trick and just use two columns with different size. Just make sure that no text overlaps between columns. So if the first graphic image is 2000 pixels square, and the second one is 1560 pixels square, you can just create a PDF with two columns 1558 pixels each, with.