How I Can Convert a PDF File to a Layered Psd File Even If It Does?

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How I can convert a PDF file to a layered PSD file even if it does not look similar enough to the original PSD file which it was created from?

Photoshop gives you several options for that depending on what you want to do and the contents of your PDF. When opening a PDF in Photoshop, you can. Rasterize any one page with custom settings, and then save to any raster format including PSD. Open some or all images embedded in the PDF in their original size and colour mode. Extract 3D models from your PDF if there were any. That's it. If you're aiming to keep some of the structure in the PDF and distribute objects across PSD layers, you will need to do a bit of processing in Create Fillable Form Pro or Illustrator. In Create Fillable Form you can use the Edit Object tool to make selections comprising one or several objects, and then use the Save Selection As command from the context menu to create a new PDF with just that selection, which you can then rasterize in Photoshop. Alternatively, you can open these selections in Illustrator and save from there. You can also copy and paste from Create Fillable Form /Illustrator to Photoshop. Individual objects can even be pasted as paths, keeping their vector nature. You also have the option to paste as smart objects, also maintaining vectors if needed.

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But as you make adjustments to the PDF you'll see that even as the original PDF is being processed, the vectors, and all the layers within the PDF itself have been automatically updated — as they should be! How it Works The concept behind it all is fairly simple, and once you understand how it works you'll easily be able to use it to create beautiful, professional-looking PDF documents in no time at all. Basically, the concept here is to have as consistent of vectors across the whole thing as possible, to ensure you have an easy time exporting, keeping your design clean, and even saving individual PDFs. At least, that's the theory. You can go much further by adding some customization options, and applying some Photoshop tricks to make your PDFs work better and easier for all of your customers. What You'll Need The most crucial part is a bit of.

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