I Need to Use the Font Souvenirstd Demi?

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I need to use the font SouvenirStd-Demi, -Light, -DemiItalic to create a PDF. Where can I find these fonts legally?

This is a simplified explanation about artwork and copyrights. In the USA if you create original logo art, and it is fixed in 2d form in a medium, in that senerio as the logo artwork creator and artist, you become the owner of that logo art, you control it’s copyrights, you can license that logo art to the client. Exceptions do exist, in general practice of graphic design business a logo is designed under the graphic design business contract. The copyrights licensing is clearly agreed to. Font are also artwork. Typeface family, Typeface, or a Font come with copyrights. Fonts you buy or download come with a End User License Agreement, or EULA. Font are of different quality, and t have different EULA’s Several classifications of logos exist. For this answer let’s say the logo you are referring to is a word-mark. A custom work-mark logo is not going to be just the company name set using a font. That is not custom unique logo art. The font may be part of the inspiration for the word-mark logo but the original font lettering is going to modified, designed and styled in creating a new original word-mark logo design. I can’t know what you mean by public font. Fonts that you download at no initial cost, that are under the Creative Commons license thinking are not unlicensed fonts. These font also have a EULA. No matter what the source of font, purchased license or other you need to read and understand it’s EULA. Maybe this increases understanding and provides an answer. If it does or not, To increase knowledge and comprehension of this subject I suggest reading the PEG, the long title is Graphic Artists Guild Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.

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It is pretty easy to understand if you are familiar with graphic design business. The most commonly used pricing for creating logo art is 1,000.00 USD per logo. In Europe for custom work-marked or branded art, pricing is slightly lower with the following rates. 250.00 500.00 1,000.00 I recommend that you consult a graphic designer if you want to create custom work-marked, branded or word marked font art. Yes, the standard fee depends heavily on number of copies of your client image, the size of the client image and the typeface. In the USA, for custom work-marked, branded or word marked art, pricing is 500. Yes, in the USA you should consult with an artist if you want customized art for your business. If you are creating a custom work, I would recommend consulting an artist because it is a lot easier, and more profitable, for you. It is also one way to make.

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