I Want to Create a Program That Manages a Database And Generates PDF?

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I want to create a program that manages a database and generates PDF reports. Where do I start?

What do you mean ‘manages’. First of all, as a general thing, management of RDBMS and reporting are two different things. For example MS SQL Server is managed using a variety of tools, including some desktop tools like SSMS. Reporting uses a different set of tools, like SSQS or PowerBI. It is uncommon to find a tool that does both reporting and management. In fact I don’t really know of one (I’m sure something probably exists, for at least one or another RDBMS).

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Second, in this case it was actually just management. Second: what do you mean by an operator? An operator is a full time developer. A full time dev is someone who has regular hours. The full time dev should have at least one computer in their office/home. Why would I want a full time dev? Because they can make changes and do their own testing when a new feature is released. In some cases they can make substantial changes or even completely rework the code base without warning to the users — if needed. For the full time dev, this is the best way to build up their expertise. If they need help (they might) they can take advantage of a group of experts, such as a forum, and ask their questions there. Third: no one told Microsoft not to release it. You should not blame Microsoft in the case of a non-compliant.