Is there a Latex Editor for Mac That Allows One to View the PDF?

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Is there a Latex editor for Mac that allows one to view the PDF without having to create a PDF file?

Sublime text 3, with latex tools report installed and Skim to view the automatically generated PDF on save. It does everything for you. you just do the typing and save your document, and viola, you have a PDF without having to actually generate it yourself

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Create PDF: All You Need to Know

The generated PDF is a list of comments in the source files, as a PDF will. As for how it works under the hood, it's actually pretty simple. In order to make Skim generate the PDF, it gets a reference to a PDF file, and from there, it's possible to pass the resulting structure to Skim to generate. The output of Skim can output HTML, plain text, and LaTeX. What's more, you can use the built-in LaTeX plugin to generate the PDF without having to use any external command: Now, if you want to edit Skim, all you need to do is safe the document, and all changes, with Skim and/or its plugins active. To find out what the Skim plugins do and what they can do, head to the Sublime Text documentation. Sublime Text has a number of built ins that let you make changes in your code, and then.