What Are Some Of The Best Practices For Creating Ecommerce Through?

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What are some of the best practices for creating eCommerce through WordPress that would PDF or Zip files?

Trying to find the perfect ecommerce platform can get overwhelming, thanks to the huge variety of options that are available in the market. There is always a confusion about which platform to pick. And when you have to choose between Magento and Wordpress, it is a tough choice. However, depending on your requirements and what each platform provides, you can always narrow down on the best of the two. On the surface, both of these platfroms are quite similar. Customizable features, seo friendly options, good themes, and supported by a good community. However it is the core purpose where the differences lie. Wordpress Most people know or at least have heard of Wordpress. This popular platform is well known for providing user-friendly, easy-to-embed plugins for various functionalities. Magento This platform has dedicated ecommerce features is used by more than 150,000 online stores across the globe, including some of the famous multi billion corporations. While choosing a platform, you need to discover the main areas of concern for your online store and then do the comparison. Some of the major areas which you might want to consider are. 1.Cost Wordpress is open source and completely free. The only fees you might have to pay is the hosting fees. Magento - While the community version of the platform is free, the enterprise version which is a tailor made solution with higher performance is a paid one. 2. Security The fact that Magento is a dedicated ecommerce platform (with features built-in), makes it quite robust and secure. With most of features included in the core, there is no risk of extra plugins or extensions. Wordpress, However, is a commonplace for hackers because of its popularity and vulnerability of extensions and plugins used. 3. Flexibility Flexibility is not an issue for Wordpress websites, as the platform does not focus on the core and instead relies heavily on its plugins or extensions. You are free to create any kind of store with wordpress Magento's focus on being a dedicated ecommerce platform allows robustness but does not stand up to the mark when it comes to flexibility. 4. SEO When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, both of these platforms do a good job when configured & optimized in the right manner. Irrespective of which platform you are using, make sure that you get inputs from a SEO specialist to ensure that your online store performs well. Here is an article that talks about some important SEO factors. 5. Ease of Use Wordpress is well known as one of the easiest platforms to begin with. If you have some prior experience with Wordpress, you will find that implementing an ecommerce plugin is easier than learning Magento from scratch. However, when you want quite a bit of customization, some good knowledge of HTML & CSS is required. Magento does have a bigger learning curve if you are using it for the first time. While the learning curve is just an initial phase, you will find that Magento makes it easier when you are selling more number of products. Conclusion Both Magento and Wordpress are different platforms with pros and cons of their own. It is the purpose of your online store that takes the final call. Magento is a better and recommended alternative to Wordpress if you are planning to build a website that is focused on selling a lot of products. However, if you plan to sell just a few products and focus more on the content part, Wordpress is your choice. However, have you heard of Drupal? This platform is an excellent choice for your online store, irrespective of the purpose you want to serve. This article will tell you more about why Drupal is the best choice for ecommerce websites. Cheers.

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