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What is the best app or WordPress plugin to create PDF eBooks?

The Comments on specific posts and pages can help you engage the visitors more time on your website. It also allows your visitors to interact with other people who have the same interest. The Comments sections can have more information than the actual article. People use the comment feature to solve temporary issues; it also helps you share details and ideas. People can even use this feature for fun making things; t share jokes and funny images in the comment. But it depends on the comment system's capability; we need a powerful comment system to share media files in the comment section. There are many types of comment systems available in the market; it depends on your need for data to be handled. For example, there's a comment system that provides social sharing tools and integrated communities. T can reach more people with the help of that type of comment system. We will now discuss some of the best plugins that provide different comment systems to our WordPress website. There are too many plugins available that offer different types of comment systems, but now it depends on what kind of interface you want for your WordPress site. WordPress has its own comet system, and its frontend comment form is the same since WordPress launched. But WordPress's default comment system is secure to use, but sometimes moderation affects some websites. Readers who want to send a comment on a WordPress website are still presented with four fields. Comment, name, email and website, which is optional. Let's see an example of the default comment system of the WordPress website. You can see an example image of WordPress's default comment system. Now, let's see some interesting facts about the Comment System. The Reasons why WordPress Comment Systems are Good. Feedback. People are using the comment system as a feedback providing tool on their website. People can discuss some points and topics, and it is an easy way to provide feedback. Even these types of comment use can guide you too; you can ask your readers and visitors about your website or products. T'll tell you what t like about the website, and you can improve your website with it. People are also investing time in their comments and replies; these feedback comment systems are robust. You'll find the feedback system on almost all the websites; it's a needy feature for an ideal website. SEO. The huge comments or user-generated content fill out your page. It is more likely to be found in some of the search engines, and even if you're trying to rank on a specific keyword and the visitor frequently starts comments related to it. Your website will rank higher for that keyword search. Because this type of user-generated contents will be fully acknowledged when search engines crawl your site. Very careful with this though, manually moderating all comments is recommended. This feature only wants high-quality content; otherwise, it could have the opposite effect. Other than that, the tons of words will help Google to know that people are trying to interact with your blog and t're enjoying the company. In short, Google will like your content productivity and visitor traffic, so t will look at your blog or website with good favour and rank you better. Community. The open comment system of the website with exciting facts and discussion will attract people with the same interest. You'll see one person who will comment repeatedly; that can be the post or website owner who is answering the visitor's question. So, when you start interacting with people, you'll build your own community around the blog or website. It can encourage loyalty. Interaction. If you're blogging for yourself or for an audience? But having an open comment section will allow you to interact much easier with your audience or visitors. The discussions on the specific topics between you and your readers or between readers can often be just as meaningful as actual content. You can even add exciting questions and other details to increase the interest, and it also helps visitors understand the topic. People also like to share the knowledge and details of their goods which can be helpful to other people or beginners. Content Ideas. A Comment system can also be used to generate new ideas. It can be related to a topic or a product. You will definitely find different content ideas for the following content; readers and visitors ask certain aspects of your posts which t can't understand fully. That discussions and questions will allow you to have the following content related to this topic. It will also increase your blog traffic as google also takes care of your website's rank. The bloggers and site owners frequently ask their visitors what t want to learn, so the bloggers catch up with an idea about the specific topic. It will also help other users who have the same interests. The Downsides of WordPress Comment Systems. Spam. Spam comments are the worst nightmare for bloggers and site owners. You'll be inundated with all kinds of ridiculous pingbacks, trackbacks and bot-generated comments the moment you open a comment section. When you think you don't have that much audience, the fact of the matter is that you do have an audience. But most of them are just bots. And, nothing is more annoying than spam comments. These comments will take away precious minutes from your day. Moderation. We can install add-ins to avoid the spam comments, but spam messages will still have a different way to get in and will affect here and there with the help of cracks. Moderation can be a significant drain on time. Even when you have a small number of comments and the time taken to read and understand, the query will stack up. We can do better things with time. Negativity. As bloggers or website owners, we need to be strong enough because you can't be gentlemen with everyone. It's okay to have different opinions, and it should be encouraged, but some people take pleasure in saying negative things which can't be considered suitable for your blog. So, we just discussed some of the best uses of Comment sections. And it has downsides too. Here, you can see a list of the best plugins that provide different comment systems to our WordPress website. Let's discuss each plugin briefly. Thrive Comments GraphComment wpDiscuz Jetpack Comments Disqus Comment System 1.Thrive Comments Thrive comment is a premium Comment solution from Thrive Themes, a Company that creates and sells different plugins and themes. T also have various plugins like Thrive Quiz Builder, Membership Plugin and Leads. First, let's discuss the Thrive Comments plugin; this plugin is only available as a premium version to download for a try. But don't worry about the plugin's functionality because it is a complete and robust solution that can replace the native comment system of WordPress. This plugin is used to increase engagement with the readers and allows them to like the post and upvote a comment. We can also reward commenters by making comments featured and giving them badges for participation. The idea behind making the Thrive Plugin is, we can incentivise comments for our readers and visitors. The theory was simple, whenever you update posts on social media networks. It provides likes and sharing back, but you will get nothing in return in the blogs comment systems. So, the idea is to pay badges as comment and participation rewards, which is actually a good idea. People who have good knowledge about anything can participate and win badges to get more interactions with people of the same interest. People can also sign in via any social media network, even t can share the comments URL on any social network like Facebook and Twitter. The Thrive Comments works the same as a social media network, where people can like other comments. T can also earn badges based on how active t are. It also allows you to change the comment area to look like Reddit, where upvotes are tallied to show the post's most popular and liked comments. So, let's discuss each feature of the Thrive Comment plugin one by one in brief. Feature List. This plugin's premium plan is not that costly and can completely change the naive WordPress Comment system for the clean, modern Discussion area. Thrive Comments is so advanced that it allows your readers and commenters to provide some sort of immediate incentive, just for participation or commenting on the blog. Thrive Comments provides different styles of comment styles; for example, some users like Reddit-style to filter the comment stuff by selecting upvoted and downvoted comments only. It will help you to filter the bad stuff and focus only on the quality information. This plugin will offer a coupon or other incentives to every new commenter; we just need to have an email that can help you to create your new Account as a commenter. It also provides social share buttons to share comments or discussion on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. One of the most beneficial critical features of this plugin is, it has a wholly organised dashboard. It's better than any other commenting system. This plugin also provides delegate comment replies to other people of your company or community. It's an essential feature because it helps to understand the flow and answers of the discussion too. It also provides automatic link generation; it will specify which keywords should be linked when we reference them. Pricing. The Thrive Comments plugin is only available as a premium version; it is available with two types of plan. First, you can buy an annual plan for 1 year with a $19 per month cost. Second, with the help of this plan, you can use this single license on 25 websites and with unlimited support and updates. The quarterly plan comes with a $30 per month cost with the same rules. 2.GraphComment The GraphComment Plugin is a social comments system that invents the standard discussion system and modules. The GraphComment comment system is a hosted solution to increase conversations on your website. Some exciting tools are included in this plugin, like discussions, votes and shares, and media files. Also, users can log in with any social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google. It's mandatory to create and sign up for GraphComment, to participate and comment on posts. If you have any commercial, professional or personal blog, this plugin will allow you to have a private free plan. But for the more successful blog, it might cost a little. It also provides an enterprise plan which will enable you to customise the comment section as per your design. The personal plan also comes with some of the required features and Themes to handle a fully functional Comment System. For example, GraphComment offers Community profiles, Voting and Badges, Many beautiful colour schemes, and a notification centre that helps your users get regular notifications about their Account. Now, all the comments will be stored on the Graph Comments servers. But with the GraphComment setting area, we can sync comments back to the website every minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or every 12 hours. Furthermore, the GraphComment plugin is formatted to organise words that are repaying on previously posted comments. This way will help you to organise the comments, which are already divided into topics. With the help of a formatted comments system, you will have a clean discussion; you can choose which discussion is not relevant to you and which are not. We can enable the GraphComment plugin for all the posts on your websites. You can use the GraphComment plugin formatted comment system for specific times too. Once you select the comment system, it will start importing the comments on the GraphComment account. The GraphComment plugin is available for free; you can buy a premium version if you want advanced features related to Comment systems. So, let's discuss all the features of this plugin one by one briefly. Feature List. The GraphComment core plugin is available for free, but you can also buy a premium version for advanced tools. This plugin is an excellent option for those who want to start a community, you can see in the description. You will find many tools which are the same as Yelp-like profile and incentive tools. It provides some theme options with different colour combinations. It looks good in your comments. We can customise the logo on the login screen, adding more social account login options. These Social network accounts will help it get login details, and you can quickly sign up on GraphComment. One of the most valuable tools of this plugin it provides a feature that allows you to import the old comments from your old accounts. It can be previous comment plugins, backup files or something else. The first key feature of this plugin is that it offers an excellent interface divided into the topic discussion. People can easily find their interest in a topic, and in that topic, there are more other topics related to different subtopics. This is the best interface for community websites. Pricing. The native plugin is free, as we discussed in the features list; now, the essential plugin is also a good option for small communities, personal blogs and commercials. Then the first paid plan is the Starter plan which costs around $7 per month with an annual plan. It provides all the features and provides you 1,500,000 data loads per month. Then if you're gonna have a large community from worldwide, you can go with a Pro plan. It costs $74 per month with an annual plan. This one can handle 5,000,000 data loads per month. 3.wpDiscuz The wpDiscuz is one of the fastest plugins which uses AJAX technology in the backend. It's already known for its stability, speed and modern design; it's a better choice when you're thinking of starting a blog. It also displays new comments in real-time, the ratings are high, and the support system is too impressive. The wpDiscuz plugin is built over the WordPress default comment system, So while you're updating this plugin as your default comment system. You don't need to export or backup it, and the Comments will only store on your WordPress database, not on another comment server. We can also integrate it with some other famous plugins like BuddyPress, UserPro and Akismet. It also provides the default interactive comment box and responsive design. The wpDiscuz plugin provides a fully responsive design, which will load completely and beautifully on other devices with small, medium, and large screen sizes. Like other plugins, it also provides social login features that will help your user sign up quickly. Like we discuss, this plugin will enhance your WordPress default comment system. This plugin will also enable additional comment settings and features to WordPress. For example, it enhanced the comment layouts and gave it a modern look that looked attractive and interactive. It also provides inline commenting and post ratings, which will help your website increase interactions and clicks. It also provides a Notifications feature, where the user will get notified of every notification. This plugin offers a dashboard of comment statistics where you can see your comment calculations. This plugin is available as a free plugin, then you can go with the pro plan if you want advanced comment tools. This plugin comes with a user-friendly installation and organised interface. The dashboard of this plugin will always highlight the latest updates about the comments and give a detailed overview of your comments and users. It will also display how many discussions are active and how many comments come from the registered user. Let's see its features list in brief. Feature List. The wpDiscus core plugin is available as a free version, and the free version is enough to take care of most blog comments. But still, you can upgrade this plugin by paying some cost. It will allow you to have many more advanced tools. This plugin is viral because of its clean interface, intelligent behaviour and quick comments. It provides complete details like which user is currently commenting, and you can set your gravatar. We can also share the comments and discussions on social media. It also provides a discussion interface similar to Reddit, Up and Downvotes available to give a vote to the information and comments. This is a great feature that allows you to filter the nasty comments and push the good ones on the top. This plugin is fully customisable; we can change buttons, fields, colours and other components. We can also activate anonymous comments that can be good for some blogs. With the help of this plugin, the user can paste the image URL that automatically gets converted to the viewable images on the comment thread. Pricing. As we discussed, the core plugin of wpDiscuz is free, so we don't need to worry about the monthly and yearly fees. Even the forum support is also pretty good. But in case you require some other add-ons like a comment search tool or subscription manager, then it would cost around $25 to $100. It depends on the website quantity. 4.Jetpack Comments The Jetpack plugin is a combination of many plugins, and this plugin is successful. People want additional functionality without installing too many plugins, so the Backpack is the plugin that has the most extended feature list. For example, the Jetpack module allows you to analyse and check how many users come to your website every day. It also provides automatic post scheduling, advertisement options and security tools within the plugin. This plugin is already downloaded and installed on more than five million websites. This plugin bundle features like uptime monitoring, brute force protection, secure logins, website backups, malware scanning, page optimisation and many more. Now let's talk about one of the best features called Jetpack Comments. This plugin also adds social logins to easy and quick signup for the commenters. It also provides notifications and emails for comments updates to the commenters. You just need to install and activate the Jetpack plugin to use the comments features. It will completely replace the native WordPress comment. You can change all the settings related to comments in the discussion tab of jetpack settings. In the comments area, we can allow the commenters and users to log in via WordPress.com. Create a Free Website or Blog, Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts. We can also change the header tag for your tag and change the theme style to light =, dark or transparent. The comment formatting is sleek and easy to understand; it provides a box for the comments and a form to fill out the personal information. The user and visitors get notified of the new post and follow up the words through their own emails. In addition, jetpack comment is more stable, and it simply adds new social media login options with subscription options to the comment form. So, let's discuss all the features of the Jetpack plugin in brief. Feature List. There are so many available features in Jetpack, but not all the features are free. We have bought a subscription for some of the features. But the comment module is free, and all we need is an activated Jetpack plugin on your WordPress. Jetpack plugin is a very well known and well-respected plugin. All the features run smoothly, including the Comment feature. The Jetpack plugin is just not providing you with a comment system; it also offers comprehensive tools like social sharing, design, and security. You don't need too many plugins on your WordPress after you own this plugin only. Because this is an All-in-one plugin. The Jetpack plugin allows unlimited user logins to the comment system by making a new username and password. Also, Jetpack will enable you to log in from previously created social accounts. This plugin provides customisation support; we can customise some elements, like changing one colour scheme to another. This plugin also supports Gravatars. Pricing. The Jetpack plugin comes with two types of plans, the first is a monthly bill plan, and the second is a yearly Bill plan. The annual bill plan will help you save around 40% more if you buy the Jetpack plugin for one year. This plugin provides features with complete site backup with the premium plan. It will cost you approx $50 per month. It will include All the Security Daily Features, Sit Backup, Real-time or off-site, manually or automated Scan, CRM and Site Search options. Then there are two other plans based on specific features like Backup daily and security daily. The Complete plan includes all of these smaller plans. 5.Disqus Comment System Disqus Plugin has become the most popular alternative to the native WordPress comment system. This plugin is so popular because this plugin dared to change the discussion and comment system format. In addition, this plugin adds some social functionality to the plugin, which can express their feelings. It was launched in 2007; Discus is a comment service that already works at 50 million comments every month. This plugin has been used by some of the largest content websites because it increases engagement and offers some great features. Features like real-time comments, social media log in, support for embedding media files. Even this plugin allows you to embed YouTube videos. The Disqus Comment System is an impressive comment tool, and it was completely free, but now it started to place ads on some sites without warning. That creates a harmful effect on the popularity, and the chart of it seemingly goes down. In the beginning, Discus didn't have any ads unless you wanted them for your own money-making endeavours. But now the company has decided to include these and on a basic plan. But it's still free, but there are some downsides. But this plugin can completely replace the WordPress native comment system; it will automatically download your website's backup and load it as a new comment system on your website. This plugin provides some tools which will help your main website moderate comments. It slides features like giving users reputations; we can provide ratings based on previous comments. We can also pre-moderate comments from trolls; it also allows you to create blocklists and trust lists. It also provides you with a dashboard that will help you to analyse your comment system. Finally, it can show you how the readers are engaging with each other. So, let's briefly discuss a long feature list one by one. Feature list. The Disqus plugin is still one of the most used and flexible plugins for WordPress websites. It allows real-time comments with customisations like Customisation of the text formatting and uploading media files etc. The Disqus plugin focuses on quality comments; it provides user reputation scores to identify spammers and trolls. For some of the websites, this plugin does a great job to find spam out of the box. We can also create lists like Trusted users and Banned users. And we can set all the comments approved by the trusted commenters. Disqus also has a large community of users; your articles and comments can show up in Disqus Digest or even on other websites sometimes. This feature is too suitable for beginners and new users. The Stats from Disqus is unique, and it helps users understand metrics like article read, the comment reads, and total engagements. And also, the ads displayed by the plugin or company are not that high quality, whether the plugin actually provides an advertisement as a making money opportunity. So it's okay when you have a free plugin that has some unique features. Pricing. As discussed earlier in the features, the core plugin is free, but the free version still displays some ads on your website. You can remove the ads from the website by paying $9 per month and customer support from the Disqus team. Then the pro plan of the Disqus plugin includes priority support, shadow banning, and email discussion features. It costs you around $89 per month.

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