What Is the Best Platform to Create a PDF Ebook Or Guide?

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What is the best platform to create a PDF eBook or guide?

There are a number of software, applications and what have you to help you produce ebooks. The thing is, all those bells and whistles can be as much a distraction as t can help. I write on your basic Microsoft Notepad and then paste it into Google Docs (this helps me with proofreading, too). Amazon KDP dashboard converts your .docx file into .mobi and Draft2Digital (the aggregator I use to distribute to B&N, Apple and Kobo) converts .docx into .epub. This way, your file is readable by most e-readers. As far as you are concerned, these are what you need to do (or have done for you). 1) Write the book. Use any medium you feel most comfortable with; just make sure your last file is a .docx. 2) Write a really catchy, intriguing product description or synopsis for your book. It might seem like a small thing but it is actually a huge part of your marketing. Write it, rewrite and rewrite it until people cannot help but click to read further. 3) Create or commission someone to create a cover. Don’t go crazy with originality, covers need to (i) grab attention, (ii) show the genre, (iii) clearly show the title and author’s name. That’s it really, the basic of what you really need to do in order to produce an ebook and eventually upload it to the market place. Of course, writing takes a lot of work - and help. Editing is always needed; at least beta reading and proofreading. Market research, a ton of them, is needed to do a good job with number 2 and 3, but in order to do an effective one, you need to finish writing first. Once your book is completed, you have a better idea of what genre you want to target, the kind of audience who will buy your book, and the kind of cover feel and even the kind of pseudonym that resonate better with said audience. So go forth and write! Good luck and thanks for the Create Fillable Form .

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