What Is the Largest Single PDF File with the Most Pages You Have Ever?

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What is the largest single PDF file with the most pages you have ever created?

It might be slightly offtopic, but I do know of the infamous 42.zip, which is a zip file which is only 42 KB but contains 4.5 Petabytes of data when fully extracted. This incredible compression was achieved through creating text files of decent size (4.1GB) consisting completely of repeating characters. Through standard compression methods, the file size is then reduced to a couple KB. The zip files are then copied and collectively placed in yet another zip, for 5 layers of 16 zip files each. This is known as a zip bomb. Zip bomb - Wikipedia Edit. thanks for the upvotes! I was quite pleasantly surprised .P According to Henrik (in the comments) there’s also an infinite zip file which uses recursion to produce itself, so check his comment out as well!

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But seriously, if you're really curious about how big the world is, check out this great article on zero day.